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Red Hat Linux 7.3: The Official Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide
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Opening a Terminal Window (Shell Prompt)

Both GNOME and KDE offer quick launch buttons on their panels to open a terminal window, also referred to as a shell prompt. While this manual focuses on performing task using the graphical interface and graphical tools, it is sometime useful and faster to perform tasks from a shell prompt. Refer to Chapter 11 for more details.

On the GNOME panel, the button that launches a shell prompt looks like .

You can also open a shell prompt in GNOME by selecting GNOME Main Menu => Programs => System => GNOME Terminal.

Similar to GNOME, the KDE panel prominently features a quick launch button for a shell prompt. The launcher looks like .

You can also open a shell prompt in KDE by selecting KDE Main Menu => System => Shell.

To exit a terminal window, click the X button on the upper right corner of the window, type exit at the prompt, or type [Ctrl]-[D] at the prompt.

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